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Dbal I2 wrap

Dbal I2 wrap

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This is a custom vinyl wrap for the Steiner Dbal I2 laser. These are custom cut for the item and are a simple peel and stick application. 

If you have never seen these before they are vehicle grade vinyl rated to last years in rain, snow, and constant UV exposure so rest assured the will be durable on your optic or light. They are a simple peel and stick application, and if you choose to remove them for any reason they do not leave any sort of residue behind. 

They are an ultra matte finish and the multicam patterns are officially licensed by multicam. They also have a similar IR signature to my NIR compliant nylon materials I have on hand. 


All wraps are made from high quality vinyl and multicam colors are all officially licensed

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All items are shipped via USPS stamp currently without tracking number. I've looked at other options with more tracking, but it would add a $8+ shipping charge to each item.

Most items will ship within a few days. Some items will be made at the time of order

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