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300BLK Pmag labels (2 pack)

300BLK Pmag labels (2 pack)

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These are labels and wraps for the 300BLK pmag. 

This product was developed at the request of customers looking to further visually differentiate their 300BLK mags from their standard pmags. Especially under low light or no light situations under nods it can be hard which mag is which. This wrap covers a large visible portion at a glance. 


Aside from telling mags apart, they can also be used to help you tell your subsonic and supersonic mags apart. We suggest choosing two different colors (like multicam arid and multicam tropic) and using a specific color for each round type. 


At the request of a few friends we have also done a limited run of tortoise and hare cut outs so you keep your slow subsonics (tortoise) round apart from your supers (hare). 


All wraps are made from high quality vinyl and multicam colors are all officially licensed

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